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Build as much traction as early as you can

How much traction do you have? There’s the golden word that I’m learning VCs want to see before all else. Build as much traction as early you can. Are at the idea-phase? Tough, but have some metrics to show traction: Number of signups / people willing to test you beta Number of customer interviews and any […]

Dave McClure’s Startup Metrics for Pirates (July 2010)

I consume a shit ton of information around VCs, business development, marketing strategy and basically everything else startup-related. Might as well start sharing them.

Beware the great tech bubble

If there is a tech bubble, it’s not where we think…

Voluntourism explained in three incidents

I am curious about your POV still on that. You said i think in another post that you are from Haiti? How does someone showing up to voluntourist make you feel? I think that people would really appreciate your input and perspective. If you have time do you think you could explain a bit more about it? 🙂

HomeJoy’s new business model

Earlier today I wrote a post summarizing the three key factors that led to HomeJoy’s demise. Since then I’ve been thinking about how some these issues might have avoided and it all seemed to come down to the business model. I will try to address those issues, though in a different order than I originally wrote. It […]

What Happened to Homejoy?

Home-cleaning middle man Homejoy shut down earlier this year. I’ve been reading different articles to understand what happened and why. Below are the key takeaways: 1. Customer retention. The company came ro rely on deep discounts ($19 vs $85 for a 2.5 hour cleaning) to attract new customers. Unfortunately it was near impossible to convert […]

I’m not a writer, but

I’m not a writer but every once in a while I get an indescribable urge to put something down on paper. But then I sit at my computer and can’t figure out how to say the images in my head. I forget the right adjectives and I can’t get the pacing to what I want. […]