I’m not a writer, but

I’m not a writer but every once in a while I get an indescribable urge to put something down on paper. But then I sit at my computer and can’t figure out how to say the images in my head. I forget the right adjectives and I can’t get the pacing to what I want. Somehow the energy gets lost and the waves don’t crash down like I expect.

So I shut off my computer and day dream instead. This works for the most part. I follow out my stories until they fade out into some grey and a new tale pops up.

Sometimes I jot down names or descriptions. I flesh out the place called Althaca before I forget. Is it the ruins of some ancient city where a young girl lived? What did it look like before and after the ruin? Was she scared?

Some times I do these things that don’t end up going anywhere and I’m the only one who knows the possibilities. But half the fight is showing other people. If companies were built simply from great ideas, I think the world might have been better for it.

So maybe writing bits and pieces is a step to wring a page to writing a chapter or maybe all of my stories will fizzle out into nothing. Still, the most frustrating is day dreaming, with nothing to show for it.


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